About Us

Northshore Women for H.O.P.E. is an organization of area women whose mission is to Harness Opportunities to Provide Education to socioeconomically disadvantaged girls in the Lawrence community. Women in our area have diverse skills and talents developed through years of working, raising families, volunteering, fundraising, and living, and we know they can benefit a wider community if channeled effectively! While we provide various opportunities to volunteer and donate goods, services, and/or funds, we also hold several social events during the year, most with a light dinner.

“I am truly grateful for each of the amazing NSW for HOPE members who helped us breathe life into 198 Garden Street. Our Esperanza girls are thriving and I know they will for decades.”

Laurie Bottiger, PhD
Founding Head of Esperanza Academy

Our Vision

NSW for HOPE will help shape a generation of healthy, confident, and successfuly young women from the Lawrence community, primarily by supporting their educational achievements.

Our Mission

Provide educational and extracurricular opportunities and support to students and alumnae of Esperanza Academy. Inspire and inform students about careers and education beyond their Esperanza experience. Support and attend Esperanza Academy events and functions. Support each other with an impactful business and social network. Seek opportunities to broaden our Lawrence community reach with our working support model and expanded membership.

“Women for H.O.P.E. partners with Esperanza to make a real difference in the lives of our students every day.”

Christopher H. Wilson
Head of School, Esperanza Academy

Our Goals for 2014

  • Continue to provide academic support as requested
  • Increase NSW attendance at Esperanza sponsored events
  • Increase our membership
  • Complete and disseminate a robust website
  • Increase member participation in planning/implementing events

Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun!

“Of all the various volunteer activities I’ve done throughout my life, this has been the most rewarding of them all!”

Meg Rokos
Board of Directors

Joining Women For H.O.P.E.

There’s never any pressure to participate in any particular way, but there’s an endless variety of ways to participate! Tutor graduates who have started High School, help 8th graders prepare their Secondary School applications, peel apples for Thanksgiving apple crisp, take an 8th grader to your workplace on Shadow Day, donate an item to Esperanza’s auction, create a new opportunity, or just come to the social events to network with other women.

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